24 May 2012
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Suburban Back Country

Wow, the chill has finally arrived, and with the rain!

It’s a great time to be planting, which is what we’ve done a lot of recently on our latest Design and Build project, it’s been a great opportunity to focus on native planting and organic materials.

This particular project is a 1800 m2 property on a sloping site in the Auckland suburbs; it enjoys full sun all day and has several existing mature native trees.  The house is positioned in the centre of the property, with a low profile fitting snuggly into the landscape.  The backyard of the home offers a large, decked entertainment area accessed and viewed from the living and kitchen areas.  This becomes our starting point to ensure minimal disruption to the home.

The back garden area, rectangular in shape, runs the length of the rear boundary about 10 metres wide.  New boundary fences have been a must as the current fences were rotten and falling down.  The west and southern boundary fences will be hidden with existing and new planting so a simple timber paling fence was chosen and stained black to “disappear” into the background.

The large magnolia growing in the decking was fighting a good fight with a borer infestation, unfortunately this was becoming a falling hazard, as well as the leaf litter beginning to rot the deck, it had to go, as did a section of the decking with it!

Our brief has come with one specific request; that the design of the new gardens, was to give the same emotional enjoyment and pleasure felt when travelling into the New Zealand back country, hiking the great trails and national parks.

What an opportunity to get back to nature, we’ll keep you posted.

Magnolia that the borer got


Minus Magnolia