31 July 2012
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Back Country, new spaces

The brief for this Suburban, Back Country Design had certain practicalities to incorporate around the perimeters of the property - on the south side of the house the boundary fence is replaced with new timber fencing.  Raised garden beds are constructed for vegetables and herbs, and renewed drainage has been incorporated into the access path.  A former unused space has been utilised for storage of rubbish and recycling bins.

The garden space at the front of the property is a continuation of the theme of the back garden, using natural elements and native planting.  We began by re-aligning and defining the pedestrian path from the garaging area to create a more direct and welcoming house access.  Transplanting the existing plants against the front of the house to the northern boundary and lowered the ground levels to improve drainage in this damp area.  Use of rocks and pebble have been used here again to create layers of texture and colour.

Massed planting of Manuka and Kanuka on the verges of the garden have been positioned to encourage vertical, competitive growth and to produce upright open stems with light canopies.  The banked area will be a mix of native groundcovers to spread and blend to produce a carpet of colour and interest, yet durable enough to withstand light foot traffic.


New home for vegies & herbs


Front garden, before


Front garden, after


Manuka & Kanuka planting


Rejuvenated paving


Meandering pathways