January 2012
Project completed in partnership with The Plant People Limited

Stone Statement

The Brief

NJD was contracted by ‘The Plant People’ to build this ‘Trish Bartleet’ designed garden. The homeowner wanted to create an entrance in stone, emphasising the changing levels of the home and beauty of the natural stone look.

The Solution

‘Kaimai’ schist was the stone of choice for its variety of colour and uses for both a ‘dry stacked’ look for walls and pillars, and as an attractive paving detail in the new driveway.

The Result

Beautiful stone walls and pillars provide the structure for this garden, with stunning schist detailing in the driveway.

A solid plastered water feature greets guests at the front door. Coloured concrete paths cut to imitate large pavers contrast and enhance the stonework.

The new lawn and gardens complete the transformation.

Glorious stone

Dry-stacked Kaimai schist

Contrast & texture

Natural stone detailing

Water feature